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Ms. Samantha Sou

Samantha has over 20 years working experience in the hospitality industry. In her corporate career, Samantha has held various key positions in the hospitality industry. Before working as a consultant, she was the Assistant Financial Controller for a hotel in Hong Kong Samantha has been involved in opening hotels in various cities such as Macau, China and Hong Kong.. As a member of the pre-opening team in various hotels, Ms. Sou has taken up the responsibility in training her team to achieve corporate driven goals.

As the Head of the Accounting Department, Samantha has involved in setting up internal system to ensure its alignment with the service systems in other operational departments. She has also reviewed regularly every section of the hotel from both the micro and macro perspectives to ensure that the shareholders’ interests were being protected. As a consultant, Samantha has been playing a supporting role in executing consultancy projects.

Samantha is an experienced hospitality practitioner and has worked in different cities such as China, Macau, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Guam. Samantha was born in Macau and fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She holds a Bachelor and Diploma in Accounting from the School of Professional and Continuing Education, The University of Hong Kong.


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