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AT&C has extensive experience in the delivery of different training courses to different industries and sectors.

Our training courses are practical and highly interactive. They are designed with the aim to stretch and challenge individuals and teams for the purpose of improving their learning ability, understanding how self-developed and gaining valuable insights such that the effectiveness and efficiency of the business can be improved.

We consolidate participants' knowledge and skills by organizing many and different types of training workshops which are delivered by means of mini-lectures, games, group discussion and individual skills practice. Our consultants will provide comments at the end of training.

We design and deliver high impact training workshops which are tailored to clients’ needs. Here are some of our workshops.

  1. Performance Management Workshop
  2. Leadership Role Modeling Workshop
  3. Leader as an Enabler Workshop
  4. Presenting with Impact Workshop
  5. Team Management Workshop
  6. Communication Workshop
  7. Innovation Workshop
  8. Strategic Account Management Workshop




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