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Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching Program, which is one of our leadership intervention programs, is specially designed for organizational leaders. We stimulate our clients’ ability in planning and developing his/her self-development program with the approach of “response” rather than “react” to his/her own development needs. The missions of our Executive Coaching Program are as follows:

  1. To build the self awareness of our clients by discovering who he/she is and what really motivates him/her.
  2. To help clients to explore his/her unique leadership strengths and potential and the development of it.
  3. To develop coaching practices as one of the leadership interventions program in the organization such that its leadership capability/capacity within the organization can be enhanced.
  4. To enable the potential/ or existing leaders to change for better performance.


Our Coaching Services include the followings:

  • Building Self Awareness: Through an assessment of our clients’ personal profile, our Executive Coach works with his/her clients to discover his/her personal traits such as strength, weakness and own leadership style etc.
  • Coaching for Results: This involves a series of coaching sessions with our clients (normally a 2-hour session per month for a consecutive period of six months). The Coaching for Results program covers different topics including business and leadership challenges, development for our clients’ leadership style, understanding and dealing with interpersonal conflict, succession planning, career management and leadership capability enhancement. The aim of the coaching program is to improve individual’s leadership capability and capacity for enhancing personal effectiveness.
  • Coaching to Reinforce Learning: This involves a two to three hour coaching session with the client. The program is structured as part of the leadership capability development program. The coaching session is focused on the reinforcement of the knowledge participants acquired in the training. It is expected that we can have a better understanding of participants’ leadership style, strengths and weaknesses after they finished the coaching session. Besides, our clients’ role as a leader can be reinforced.




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