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Asia Training and Consultancy Limited (AT&C) is a boutique consultancy specializes in organizational development (OD) intervention. We define OD asPlanned Change Strategywhich means that it is a participative educational process with the aims of modifying beliefs, values, mindset, behaviors, structures and processes of organizations such that organizations can adapt themselves to the fast-changing business environments and cope with any uncertainties.

We deploy two approaches for organizational development (OD) intervention in organization: (1) Strengthening the leadership capability and capacity in the organization and (2) Organizational alignment development


(1) Leadership Capability and Capacity

AT&C defines leadership capability as the skills and behaviors of leaders in tackling organizational issues. Typical leadership capability enhancement programs include leadership training, leadership assessment, coaching for leadership skills and team building program.

We define leadership capacity as the organizational capacity in the adaptation to the ever-changing business environment. Our leadership capacity is focused on developing leaders’ positive mindset in dealing with the keen competition that organizations face in the 21st century. Typical leadership capacity enhancement programs for leaders include change management program, facilitate cultural change program, the development of leaders as a coach program and positive thinking program.


(2) Organizational Alignment

AT&C uses unique approach, the techniques of coaching, facilitating and training, in developing organizational alignment. We often start off the program with detailed organizational diagnosis and follow with a series of workshops and/or coaching thereafter.

With OD as our focus, we have developed the following main services to our clients:

Organization Diagnosis
One of our uniqueness is that we diagnose organization based on research knowledge and we work with our clients closely together in diagnosing organization culture. We adopt four approaches, (1) focus groups, (2) management survey, (3) individual meetings and (4) human resources review, in the diagnosis of organizational issues. We strongly believe that our approaches can solve organizational issues effectively and efficiently in this ever-changing business world of 21st century.

Learning & Development
We work closely with our clients in the design and delivery of learning and development programs which are customized to meet our client’s needs. We deploy interactive and participative approach in our training activities which includes, but not limited to, case study, mini- lecture, role play and management exercise. We hope that the mindset of participants in management issues can be developed after participating the training workshops. Our famous learning and development programs we developed for our clients include:
Enabling Others to Act, Coaching Skills, Leadership Programs, Service Management Workshop, Middle Level Management Development Program, Team Building Program, Cross Cultural Program, and Change Management Workshop.

Change Management
For change management, we work with our clients to review the change process. AT&C consultants take the role of both facilitators and trainers in the program. In solving the change management issue, we mobilize the existing culture and team in dealing with the changes ahead of the organization and focus on assisting our clients to unleash people potential in exploring the opportunities that change creates. Our change management program includes 6 steps: (1) Diagnosis  (2) Mobilize  (3) Train / Coach  (4) Structure   (5) Delivery  (6) Measure.

Leadership Intervention
For leadership intervention, AT&C not only focuses on developing leadership ability but also on unleashing people’s leadership potential. From our experience, we discover that organizations are weak in the exploration of people’s leadership ability and adapting to the fast-changing business world in the 21st century. We strongly believe, in order to survive in the business world, management should focus on the development of positive energy and mindset in their organization.





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