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The mission of AT&C is to serve community. We understand and strongly believe that it is very important to have a positive, harmonic and healthy development in workplace. Our guiding principles are stated below:

S - Service-oriented

AT&C is a service-oriented consultancy with the mission of providing high quality customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. In addition, we strive to provide a harmonic working environment for our employees such that our employees can develop a sense of belonging and feel proud as a member of AT&C.

E - Enabling Others

AT&C is an enabling company which aims at developing programs to enable others to excel successfully and positively by developing new insight, knowledge and behavior. We strongly believe that human potential can be unleashed. At AT&C, we invest significant amount of resources on enabling our employees to excel and act positively through coaching and learning.

A - Action-based

AT&C is an action-based company which aims at developing long-term relationships with our clients. We work with our clients hand in hand to provide effective and practical solutions for their needs. The management team at AT&C is also action-based. They are happy to share their experience with other colleagues and learn from each other. We aim at developing a happy workplace where our employees can enjoy and develop their career. 

AT&C believes that continuous learning and improvement is the key factor of success in organizations. We regularly conduct research on different management issues so as to have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that organizations encounter. We develop a supportive relationship with our clients and our employees, and we share knowledge and success together.



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