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Mr. Thomas Liu
Principal Consultant

Thomas has over 20 years of working experience in sales, customer service development, operations management, quality management, logistics planning and training. He spent the last 13 years in PCCW Ltd. (formerly known as Hongkong Telecom), 8 of which in training and development, after acquiring rich experience in sales and operations.

Thomas is a certified trainer of various sales programs by world-class training consultants including Holden International, Wilson Learning International and Forum Asia. Besides sales training, he is also a licensed trainer in world-recognized management and leadership programs such as Effective Negotiation Skills, Situational Leadership II, and Think On Your Feet. Proficient in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Thomas has been conducting workshops in all three languages.

When Thomas worked in PCCW, he witnessed and contributed to the organizational development and changes. With the deregulation of the telecom industry, PCCW has successfully transformed from a monopolized, technical-based company to a customer-focused IT&T enterprise. In particular, Thomas had significantly contributed to the transformation of these important projects:

  • Meeting the Challenge – mindset changes from monopoly to achievement-based sales culture.
  • Service Culture – mindset- and skill-based transformation of CSL Mobile Call Centre and Sales Unit to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • World-class sales curriculum – helping to build a uniformed sales curriculum to align a common sales methodology for corporate sales.
  • Telecom Consultancy – training engineers into sales consultants of telecom solutions, serving corporations in South East Asia.

Prior to joining PCCW, Thomas spent 8 years exploring his career path in different capacities in various fields. He had been an English teacher, a journalist and a sales and marketing professional in fishing tackles and health food.

Thomas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Psychology as well as a Diploma of Training Management, both from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


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